How to get your ex love back by astrology?

get your ex love back by astrology

Being in a relationship is similar to having someone who loves and cares for you, encourages you to keep going, and always supports you in realizing your goals. But things get more complex when your love disappears or ends the relationship. Couples fighting and breaking up is one of today's youth's most prevalent problems. Couples argue because they don't comprehend each other's perspectives on many issues and don't share the same opinions. Even with your best efforts, relationships can still end. However, you can use astrological remedies to win your ex's love back.

Most people Google "how to get your ex-girlfriend back" or "how to get your ex-boyfriend back" . Relationship troubles can occasionally stem from more than just visible problems; astrology is the only tool that can also resolve invisible concerns. The major influences on a person's life are their horoscope and planets, which affect their work, education, and romantic relationships. Incorrect planet placement can cause one to lose their significant other. These are a few astrological ways to win your ex's love back.

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How do planets and astrology affect your love relationship?

Your planets have the power to raise love issues in your relationships. If your planets are not appropriately placed, you find yourself facing rejection. We will help you with the astrological remedies that will help you resolve the issues and bring your ex love back.

What placements of planets cause issues?

  • When the moon is in the wrong position in the horoscope's 6th, 12th, and 8th houses,

  • When the moon is positioned between the two most potent planets,

  • When the 4th house is weak and the malefic planet has no power.

  • When Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are joined in the moon horoscope,

  • the moon is overshadowed by the sun.

  • When the moon is in line with other planets that are troubling, like Rahu, Saturn, Sun, and Mars.

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Astrology Reasons for Ex-lover Leaving the Relationship

If you want to know the reasons for a breakup with your ex-lover, love problem solution specialist will help you. Sometimes, the reasons for continuous fights, arguments, and disagreements between the couple are unclear. As we read above, our planets play the most crucial role, but other factors in our horoscope can create a rift between the couple. Some of them are,

  • Mangal Dosh is one of the partners Kundli can have, which can lead to continuous issues in their love lives.

  • Having a relationship with someone whose stars or horoscope don't match is one of the main reasons for the breakup.

  • If a person has a Nadi dosha in their Kundli, it can create issues between the couple.

  • Sometimes, another person's evil eyes or black magic can also cause excellent abnormal behavior in between the couple.

  • Having your bed face in the wrong direction can create negative energy around your house, which causes continuous fights between a couple.

  • Having the planet Venus in the wrong house can also create issues between couples.

  • The combination of Venus with Mars, Rahu, and Saturn leads to the breakup of a relationship.

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Best Astrological Remedies to Get Ex Love Back

Astrology can significantly influence our romantic lives more than we often realize. When facing relationship challenges, turning to astrological remedies can be a potent way to realign love and harmony.

Consider these astrological solutions aimed at rekindling lost love or paving the way for a fulfilling future in love:

  1. Gather the oil that touched your ex-lover's feet, along with 21 grains of urad dal and 7 cloves, in a soft cloth. Seek blessings from your chosen deity, then release the cloth into a flowing river, symbolizing your enduring love.

  2. Arrange a meeting with your ex-lover on a full moon night to evoke the return of affection and rekindle lost emotions.

  3. Inscribing your ex-lover's name on a betel leaf or pan and submerging it in a bottle of honey is believed to draw your ex-lover back into your life.

  4. Present a flute at a Lord Krishna temple near your residence to invoke sentiments of love in your ex-lover's heart.

  5. Perform the revered Rudra Abhishek ceremony, incorporating honey, at the Shiva Linga. This ritual holds the promise of reinstating lost connections for women seeking to reunite with their ex-lovers.

  6. Offering a red shawl to Durga Mata while fervently praying for successful love rekindling can invoke a revived desire in your ex-lover's heart.

  7. Adorn yourself with a diamond, opal, or zircon—the gemstones associated with the love deity Venus—to magnetize the return of your ex-lover.

  8. Collect sand from near your ex-lover's feet, encase it in a green cloth after prayers, and release it into a river. This symbolic act is believed to beckon the return of a lost love.

  9. Chant the mantra "Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah" 21 times daily, focusing your thoughts on your ex-lover, especially if you aspire to marry them.

  10. During Sawan Maas, girls can wear green bangles and white cloth on Thursdays, as these symbolize the planets Shukra and Venus, influencing love and relationships.

  11. Wearing a Gauri Shankar rudraksha, preferably set in white gold, is believed to aid in reuniting with a desired partner or reigniting a past love.

  12. Discard gifts or objects of black color and pointed shapes given by your ex-lover, as they are thought to sour relationships.

  13. On Tuesdays, don white clothing, offer a red rose and jasmine oil at any temple, and pray earnestly for the return of your ex-lover, holding pure intentions in your heart.
  14. Remember, while these remedies are rooted in astrological beliefs, the true power lies in the intention and sincerity with which they are performed.

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